Letter from the President:

August 12, 2015

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

This year, I became the President of the Greater Arbutus Business Association. The Association was formed in 1968. Since then, as we know, the world around us has changed. One of my goals, as President, is to move the Association and Arbutus forward. To accomplish this, I am committed to maintaining a steady and modern approach of uniting business owners and the community to act collectively for the good of Arbutus. In doing this, we will all benefit. I need your help.

Please consider joining us in this effort. It is easy to do. Our membership fee is prorated throughout the year. Right now, the membership dues are $65 to join for the rest of 2015. Membership is available online @ www.arbutus.org. We meet the second Thursday of every month at the Fish Head Cantina, excluding July. The meeting begins at 1pm and usually last about an hour. Lunch is provided for $10.

There are exciting changes coming. One specifically, is designing a new website @ www.arbutus.org. This will allow us to brand Arbutus and directly market with UMBC students, faculty and staff. This is over 10,000 potential new customers for your business! We will create a specific page on our new website to allow our members to promote their businesses and special offers to the UMBC market. We also will use the website to create synergy with Arbutus by listing and promoting community events. Another benefit is our Gateway Sign, located at the entrance to Arbutus at Southwestern Blvd. Members can advertise for $50/week.

The GABA has a long standing relationship with our local Senator, County Executive and newly elected Delegates. We want to facilitate communication and garner our elected official’s support of the Arbutus Business district and community.

Arbutus is a lovely small town. The GABA is working hard to keep and improve it. I am hopeful, as local businesses come together and we increase community support, we can work together and make Arbutus great again!

I invite you to attend our next meeting.

I may be contacted directly @ 410-788-4888 to answer any questions you may have.


Bettina M. Tebo

President, Greater Arbutus Business Association


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