About Us

The Association was founded in 2017 to promote business development in the Greater Arbutus area. The GABA is a not-for-profit association of local businesses, schools, organizations, and professionals that work together to improve the quality of life in the Greater Arbutus area.

GABA sponsors an annual Business Directory and Community Directory which has a circulation of 2,500 copies.  The directory is circulated throughout the Greater Arbutus area: including Landsdowne, Baltimore Highlands and Catonsville. Business owners are able to promote their companies on our website, linking their website to the GABA website, announce specials through our community calender, and handing out promotional materials at the tables we provide at various community functions.

GABA provides our members the opportunity to connect with local business owners and make valuable contacts at our monthly meetings and networking events throughout the year.  Many new members report being surprised by how much they learn and are pleased with the opportunities to network with others engaged in similarly related businesses.

Our members believe in the promotion of Arbutus as a quality place to live and work.  They realize that a clean and safe Arbutus is conducive to happy patrons and increases business. In addition, there is a substantial benefit to Arbutus for each dollar that is spent in Arbutus rather than elsewhere. That is, each dollar enables a business to pay its workers, who in turn spend money on food, gasoline, and other items in Arbutus.  This is an economic multiplier. Shop and Spend Local.

GABA recently created the ABPA Foundation, Inc. This 501c3 charity will sponsor numerous charitable and community activities to benefit the Arbutus area. Current activities include: scholarships for area high school seniors, the annual Santa House, holiday music in the shopping district and provides support for other local non-profit and charitable organizations. The Arbutus Arts Festival is a committee of GABA. Our Annual Arts Festival is always held the 3rd Sunday in May. Proceeds benefit Arbutus. GABA continues to provide regular beautification, grass cutting, seasonal decorations, maintenance of the gardens and planters within our business district.

If you have read The Arbutus Times lately, you know that the County Council has made some decisions that affect our community.  The GABA has had a considerable role in influencing the outcome of those decisions.  If you want your views on local matters known and considered, the GABA monthly business meetings are the right place for you to be.

It is our goal to help bring about the growth and expansion of our member businesses, for the betterment of the Arbutus and SW Baltimore County. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 410-204-8128.

The Greater Arbutus Business Association stimulates grow and networking among community businesses, provides an avenue to voice concerns to civic leaders and elected officials, facilitates the beautification of Arbutus and helps maintain a thriving business marketplace. GABA has proudly served the community since 2017 and the services it provides have altered the face of Arbutus and strengthened its business community.

GABA, through Baltimore County’s Commercial Revitalization Action Grant (CRAG), provides street cleaning services along East Drive. We, also, keep the grass cut at the entries to Arbutus Southwestern Blvd. and Leeds Ave. and between Carville/Oregon Avenues. We have added many street containers and fill them with seasonal flowers. Our existing gardens and street containers are maintained from Spring to Fall. Volunteers plant the seasonal flowers on our Beautification Day – the 1st Saturday in May.

Annually, GABA provides scholarships to graduating senior high school students who have performed community service work in the community, not by GPA.  Scholarship amounts vary based on the number of applicants, but are generally at least $500.

GABA is represented in local community service organizations including the Wilkins Police and Community Relations Organization and the UMBC Neighbor Relations Group.

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