April 2022

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UMBC/OCA Mocha Updates

April is a month of growth and opportunities. We are so excited to announce our first member educational series! The BIRE program is designed to help existing businesses grow. Garrett Glover and Craig Panos are the experts! They were both part of the recovery team for Ellicott City after the floods. You don’t want to miss this! See inside for the BIRE program details and other GABA events.

Thank you to all who renewed their 2022 memberships and Welcome to all our new members. GABA appreciates your support!

We have lots of exciting opportunities this month so let’s get to it!

For additional information or questions, please contact Bettina Tebo, bettinatebo@zohomail.com or 410-980-6819 or Patsy in the office at 410-204-8951.

New Members List

  • Alments Beer, Wine & Spirits
  • Alternative Roofing
  • Charm City Roofing
  • Double W LLC/Walke Works
  • East Drive Kitchen
  • Friend Like Me Travel
  • Betty Mullins-Winegar – Avon
  • Save-A-Lot
  • Valley Landscaping, Patio & Stone
  • Veterans Initiative 22
  • Waverly Works

GABA 2022 Directory & Community Guide

FATA is publishing at the end of April – Don’t miss your chance to be included.

Call Sherry today 410-856-1567

Corporate & Premium Plus Memberships


1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250
(410) 455-1000

Premium Plus

All Things Air & Ice, LLC
1307-A Francis Avenue
Halethorpe, Maryland 21227
(443) 930-2203

Charm City Roofing
4701 Leeds Avenue
Arbutus, Maryland 21227
(410) 289-7663

Finder’s Keepers Thrift & Consignment Shop
5404 East Drive
Arbutus, MD 21227
(410) 247-2724

Fish Head Cantina
4802 Benson Ave
Baltimore, Maryland 21227
(410) 247-2474

Kim Waldt – Chesapeake Bank
5424 Carville Ave
Halethorpe, MD 21227
(410) 242-7451

RE/MAX New Beginnings
1424 Sulphur Spring Road
Baltimore, MD 21227
(410) 242-0220

SERVPRO of Catonsville
4030 Benson Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21227
(410) 242-7370

Security Auto & Truck, Inc.
4020 Old Washington Blvd.
Halethorpe, MD 21227
(443) 575-6641

Shore United Bank
1101 Maiden Choice Ln.
Baltimore, MD 21229
(410) 242-1234
(443) 709-8052

Sorrento of Arbutus
5401 East Dr.
Halethorpe, MD 21227
(410) 242-6474

Whalen Properties
2 West Rolling Crossroads
Catonsville, MD 21228
(410) 747-2900


April 2022

Makers and Flea Market
Sat., April 2, 8AM – 2 PM
Arbutus Town Hall
See Flyer for Details


Business Improvement, Retention & Expansion
Tues., April 19, Noon
Fish Head Cantina
See Flyer on Page 2 for Details


Arbutus Beautification Day
Sat., April 30, 8AM – 1PM
GABA Office (meet and organize) Help to get Arbutus in tip-top shape for Spring and Summer! Container and tree planting, clean up, stream clean up. Sponsorships are available and student service hours will be recognized. See the flyer for more info.


May 2022

Arbutus Arts Festival
Sun., May 15, 10AM – 5PM
East Drive
See Flyer for Details


June 2022

GABA 1st Annual Golf Tournament
Fri., June 24



For more information about events contact our office: call 410-204-8128 or email Patsy.

Baltimore County News

TOWSON, MD — BaltCo Alert, Baltimore County’s official
emergency alert system, is now up and running, providing
residents and businesses with a new, opt-in service that will
enhance emergency readiness by notifying county residents and
businesses of urgent situations that may require efforts to
prepare or lifesaving actions.

Once registered , BaltCo Alert users will receive automated
notifications about situations such as severe weather, hazardous
materials spills, widespread utility outages, disaster evacuations
and emergency situations near schools. Messaging may be
regional or countywide, depending on location and nature of the
emergency, and residents can choose to receive notification via
phone calls, texts and/or e-mail.

While users only need to provide a name and contact
information to establish an account, individuals can use the
system to provide additional household information such as
names and ages of residents, vaccination information and pet
information, which can guide first responders in the event of an
emergency. After an account is created, users are encouraged to
log in annually to ensure that their information is up to date.

Only public safety information requiring immediate notification
will be sent by BaltCo Alert. The system will not be used for
general county updates or outreach, and information will never
be sold or shared for any purposed not directly related to
emergency notification.

Baltimore County Council District 1


Do you want to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in Baltimore County’s First Council District? You’ve come to the right place.

From water and sewer line replacements to zoning hearings and more are available for review here.


Need to reach the Council Office?

E-mail: council1@baltimorecountymd.gov

District Office
754 Frederick Road
Catonsville, MD 21228
410-887-1012 (fax)
Hours: M-F 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Towson Office
400 Washington Ave.
Towson, MD 21204
410-887-5791 (fax)

Dear Community Leader,

Like you, we’re concerned about litter in our communities that washes through storm drains and pollutes our waterways. This Earth Month, we’re asking people to team up to tackle litter with BaltCo Litter Blitz 2022, a month-long litter cleanup campaign throughout April, 2022. We’re encouraging organizations, individuals and groups of all kinds to conduct their own cleanups or volunteer to join a registered cleanup.

Visit the BaltCo Litter Blitz web page for more information on how to sign up for our Countywide spring cleaning spectacular, including an interactive map of cleanups. We’re offering free cleanup supplies, a social media outreach toolkit, community cleanup tips, checklists and more.

We hope that you will join in, and share this BaltCo Litter Blitz invitation with your neighbors. If you need further information, please email us at CleanGreen@baltimorecountymd.gov.

Thank you for helping to build a better – cleaner, greener – Baltimore County!

BaltCo Litter Blitz Team

A partnership of the Baltimore County Departments of Public Works & Transportation,
Environmental Protection & Sustainability and Recreation & Parks

Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski and the Baltimore County Council

Visit the Master Plan 2030


Hub at any time at


Master Plan 2030 Hub

News You Can Use

Baltimore County has a mobile app called BALTCOGO. You can download it from the App store or connect through this link  https://baltimorecountymd.citysourced.us/

It was launched at the start of the Administration but it’s a great tool for citizens to report issues and connect with the county. It allows you to create a request, tract requests submitted and see nearby requests. You will need to create an account. Examples of issues you can report include: building and
development issue, neighborhood issue, pets & animal issue, roads & sidewalks issue, trash & recycling issue, unregistered rental property issue, traffic issue. You can directly pinpoint the location from your phone.

Reminder: Citizen complaints may become part of the public record. If you are concerned about a sensitive issue in your neighborhood, contact your local community or homeowners’ association, or the office of your Councilperson and ask that they act on your behalf.

Maryland General Assembly – Legislative Update

Last month we provided a list of bills that are in consideration during the current Maryland General Assembly session. These bills are deemed to have an impact on both large and small businesses. They include:

  • House Bill 8 and Senate Bill 275 – Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program – Establishment (Time to Care Act of 2022). A hearing has been scheduled in the Senate for Thursday, February 10 at 1:00 p.m. on what the Maryland Chamber terms “dangerous legislation.” Since this is an employer/employee shared responsibility, they are amazed that a huge concern has not been expressed for the employees who also must pay into the program. This bill is expected to pass in the House, but the Senate will be more cautious.

SB 275 has been amended and has passed. It will be presented to the Governor for his signature. Determination of business and employee contributions to the plan will be made by December of this year by the Department of Labor. We will provide additional updates on this legislation in upcoming Bulletins.

  • House Bill 299 and Senate Bill 224. This Attorney General requested bill would broaden the definition of “employer.” It would allow employees to sue for back wages from companies beyond the immediate employer. Per the MD Chamber, employees of a franchisee could sue the franchisor, an employee of the painting company that paints your house can sue the homeowner that hires the contractor, etc.

HB 299 has received an “unfavorable report” from the Economic Matters Committee. The Senate Finance Committee held their hearing on 2/10. No action has been taken on the Senate bill. Since it failed to move before crossover, the bills are very likely dead.

  • House Bill 365. This bill prohibits the Interagency Commission on School Construction from considering a new or replacement fossil fuel-based energy system as a construction or capital improvement cost. The MD Chamber is surprised that MACo, the Maryland Association of Counties, hasn’t jumped on this, as it threatens any new school construction or renovation where gas was intended to be used. While most are in favor of moving away from fossil fuel, the timeline is considered unreasonable.

Assigned to the House Appropriations Committee, the bill had a hearing on 2/8. With no further action and no crossfiled bill, this is also very likely dead.

  • House Bill 171 and Senate Bill 135. Could be very costly to any business that uses gas. Some feel this should be a tax credit for investing in clean energy, not a tax for using fossil fuel.

The House has assigned this bill to Economic Matters and Environment and Transportation. Economic Matters will hold a hearing on 3/10. The cross-filed Senate bill has been assigned to Budget & Taxation and Education, Health and Environmental Affairs. EHEA held a hearing on 2/15 but as of 3/30 these bills are very likely dead.

  • SB403, Corporations and Associations – Annual Reports – Fees for Electronic Filings, a bill that will eliminate the filing fee for businesses that submit their annual report electronically. GABA Supports!

SB403 and the House cross-file HB409 have been assigned to committees and received hearings. SB403 was heard in B&T on 2/8 and by the House Economic Matters Committee on 2/9. Neither bill has moved from committee as of 3/30 meaning these are…very likely dead.

Thank you for your advocacy on these issues.

Wilkens Police Beat

Our local Precinct periodically provides helpful information that we pass along. If you have a community related concern, please contact: Officer Tom Warehime, Baltimore County Police Department, Community Outreach Team, 410-887-5165 or twarehime@baltimorecountymd.gov.

Wilkens Police & Community Relations Organization


Tuesday, April 12. 2022 – 7:00 PM

Arbutus Town Hall – 1349 Stevens Avenue (near the Ice Cream Cottage)

Who will be named Officer of the Year from P1? How can citizens better work with law enforcement?

Attend the meeting and find out!

For additional information, contact Otis Collins, President: 443-540-7743 or Otis7743@gmail.com.

Community Resources phone number at P1: 410-744-1584

Non-Emergency Police phone number: 410-887-2222


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