May 2021, Newsletter


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June 23rd – General Membership Meeting


July 4th – 4th of July Celebration and Parade
July 24th – GABA Flea Market Fundraiser


Greeting All,

As we approach this Memorial Day weekend, let us remember the genesis of this Holiday weekend. Brave Men and Women paid the ultimate price defending and protecting our God given rights of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

Arbutus is a special town. We understand and appreciate all those who came before us and made a difference. It is our duty to continue this legacy of dedication and hard work to ensure the next generation is proud to call Arbutus home!

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend filled with lots of fun and family. Be safe and Thankful.

New Members 2021

– Royal Xcellence Catering
– Mission First Team Always-Tactical, LLC
– Briarwood Home Inspections
– Esteem Beauty Boutique
– Kelley Wellness – OrganicLawns
– C.N Robinson Lighting Supply
– Catonsville Pharmacy
– Chesapeake Inspection Associates
– Complex Threat Solutions LLC
– Halethorpe Civic League
– Just Right Technology
– PIVOT Real Estate Holdings, LLC
– Riedel Rentals
– T.W Spinks Home Improvements
– Wye Oak Pharmacy
– New Trauma & Complicated Grief Counseling Services

Member’s Spotlight

Corporate & Premium Plus Memberships


1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250
(410) 455-1000

Premium Plus

Chesapeake Bank
5424 Carville Ave
Halethorpe, MD 21227
(410) 242-7451

Finders Keepers Thrift & Consignment Shop
5404 East Drive
Arbutus, MD 21227
(410) 247-5444

Fish Head Cantina
4802 Benson Ave
Baltimore, MD 21227
(410) 247-2474

JRC Jewelry & Gift Boutique
1605 Sulphur Spring Rd # E
Baltimore, MD 21227
(410) 247-5976

RE/MAX New Beginnings
1424 Sulphur Road
Baltimore, MD 21227
(410) 242-0220

Security Auto & Truck, Inc
4020 Old Washington Blvd.
Halethorpe, MD 21227
(443) 575-6641

SERVPRO of Catonsville
10Aar Ct
Baltimore, MD 21227
(410) 242-7370

Shore United Bank
1101 Maiden Choice Ln.
Baltimore, MD 21229
(410) 242-1234   |   (443) 709-8052

Sorrento of Arbutus
5401 East Drive
Halethorpe, MD 21227
(410) 242-6474

Whalen Properties
2 West Rolling Crossroads
Catonsville, MD 21228
(410) 747-2900

Sustainable Community Designation

The Arbutus application has been submitted to the State! Thank you to all the participants who helped make this a successful process! A huge THANK YOU to Josephine Selvakumar from the Department of Planning, who led the effort to complete the application and hosted all the community input meetings. To review the application please visit 

Baltimore County


Master Plan 2030 provides the vision and strategies for growth over the next 10 years into a modern, 21st century county. Follow the link below to stay informed and find out how you can bring your ideas to the table about growth, development and conservation.

Arbutus Beautification Day

A HUGE Thank You to all our Volunteers and Sponsors that made our Beautification Day such a successful event! Even with the rain delay, we managed to prune our Crape Myrtles, trim many bushes, place street containers and plant nearly 200 flowers! We also continued with street scaping replacements. Arbutus Clean Up and Art Vail also provided a wonderful lunch! When folks work together, wonderful things happen!


Event & Updates

Even though there have been many been limitations over this past year due the lockdowns and various regulations, UMBC has been able to keep going strong. There are virtual lectures, events, and seminars that are available to the public, Here are a few events that are available:

You’re Not Alone

Continuing through June 15
You’re Not Alone, an exhibition presented by the Gallery at OCA Mocha in collaboration with HoldOn2Hope, features 23 pieces about mental health.

Digital Art Exhibition

Opening June 18
Digital Art, an exhibition celebrating digital art and its power to expand the perimeter of what we recognize to be art, opens at the Gallery at OCA Mocha on June 18.

SPARK IV: A New World?

Continuing through June 26
UMBC and Towson University present the fourth installment of the collaborative SPARK pop-up exhibition, SPARK IV: A New World?, in partnership with Maryland Art Place (MAP). The exhibition will be held in MAP’s main gallery space through June 26, with opportunities to experience the exhibition and programs virtually.

Community Services Section Crime Prevention Tips

The purpose of this alert is to inform you about motor vehicle thefts. The Baltimore County Police Department wants to make you aware of this problem, and to provide you with some suggestions that can reduce your chances of being a victim of this type of crime. Law enforcement agencies across the nation recommend the following auto theft prevention points:

  • Whether you leave your car for a minute or for several hours, roll up the windows, lock your car, and take the key;
  • Carry your registration with you. Don’t leave any personal identification documents, keys, or credit cards anywhere in the vehicle;
  • Park in busy, well-lit areas;
  • Keep packages or valuables in the trunk. If you leave anything in the car, make certain it is covered and out of sight;
  • Copy your license plate and vehicle information (VIN) numbers on a card and keep them with you. If your vehicle is stolen, the police will need this information to take a report;
  • Consider electronic tracking devices that help police find stolen vehicles;
  • Many cars are stolen for parts such as air bags, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Xenon headlights, and catalytic converters. Car thieves tend to stay away from a vehicle that has had a vehicle identification number (VIN) etched into the doors, windows, windshields, trunk, etc. This makes it difficult for a car thief to market stolen car parts;
  • Install a mechanical device that locks the steering wheel, column, or brakes. These devices will deter some criminals;
  • Use steering wheel locks and collars that prevent the steering column from being stripped;
  • A significant number of cars are stolen during the early morning hours when vehicle owners are asleep. The Maryland Vehicle Theft Prevention Council administers the “Watch Your Car Program”, that by consent of a car owner allows a vehicle to be stopped by police between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. You can get more information about this program on the web at
  • Organize a community partnership to raise awareness, install anti-theft devices, start an etching program, and encourage participation in the “Watch Your Car Program”.

As always, call 9-1-1 if you see anyone attempting to break into a vehicle. Do not intervene, but call 9-1-1 immediately. Note any information such as suspect or vehicle descriptions that may be helpful to police. You can also contact our Crime Information Hotline at 410-583-2309 to get the latest information about crime trends in your community.

Any questions or concerns please contact the Precinct One Community Outreach Team at 410-887-5165.

shore united bank
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